100 Day Project Day 8

Note: I brilliantly forgot to hit publish on this post and instead left it as a draft. It’s been a long week, I guess.

Day 8 of The 100 Day Project on the Find Fix Make Mend blog

Day 8 of The 100 Day Project: Today was a bit of a departure from the stuff I’ve been doing over the last week. First, instead of drawing objects during my morning scribble I was drawn to words instead. So, since I didn’t set a limitation on what my Morning Scribble could be, I went with it. Nothing fancy, just the words “make it happen” on a scrap of paper. I’m not sure if it’s a total change in direction or just a detour but I may do another tomorrow. A theme that is running through my head is, “things I need to hear”. We’ll see. 

And in another departure from the norm of the last week, I ended up doing something else a little different today. It’s not repurposing in the traditional sense, but I busted my ass today clearing out and reclaiming a small built on den/sun room area of my house. When we moved in it was supposed to be my office, but it ended up becoming a storage/junk room with one little corner for me to work in instead.

I grew to work in other parts of my house anyway and didn’t really spend time in the room, even though it’s the prettiest one.

Since it was built onto the house, it doesn’t have good access to the heat or air conditioning which makes it pretty unusable during the summer. It’s fine with a space heater in the winter, but it’s too small to justify a window air conditioner, plus it would ruin the appeal of it having so many windows and it would block the view. 

So it’s pretty, gets amazing sun all day, and is too hot to do anything but lie around in. It’s a bad office, but it’s perfect for an indoor garden space and lounge room.

So that’s what I did today. I cleared allllll of the clutter out, made space for all of my plants, AND set up my hammock which is actually where I’m writing this from right now. I’m beyond thrilled with today’s project.

Honestly, this feels like something I really needed to make happen. 

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