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100 Day Project Day 88

Day 88 of The 100 Day Project: when you try something and it works (!). My first attempt introducing a plain tabby weave next to these macrame knots looked nasty af so I decided to try weaving in between the knots and am so happy with how it’s turning out 😸✨

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100 Day Project Day 83

Day 83 of The 100 Day Project: I gave myself the day off yesterday. The stresses of the week need some time to dissipate and self care is # 1. But today I finished up weaving this piece. All that’s left after this is tying up these loose ends and taking her off of the loom.

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100 Day Project Day 79

 Day 79 of The 100 Day Project: I was about to send out the Weekly Dispatch when the news got to me that my grandma passed away last night. My dad died when I was 15 and I have a complicated relationship with his side of the family and with the place that I’m from. After a day of pulling together funds and travel plans for getting to Pennsylvania and back, sitting down to warp my tiny loom was a welcome moment of calm.

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100 Day Project Day 71

Day 71 of The 100 Day Project: I’m taking this weaving off of the loom. It’s taking FOREVER. I was hoping to finish up this project today but it looks like tomorrow will have to be the big day.

In other news, posting for The 100 Day Project is starting to feel restrictive because...

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