Hi. I’m Leslie Tyger. Welcome to my blog, Find Fix Make Mend.

This is part of what I’m doing for The 100 Day Project, which I’ll talk more about later. But first, I’ll get into why I’m doing it and what you can expect.


I’ve wanted to write a consistent “blog” since I had my first Livejournal account circa 2004, before blogs were really blogs and before the term “social media” was even a thing. (Shoutout to my fellow girls who rode the LJ train. May your “friends only” banners always be the sickest, the surveys you’re tagged in always be plentiful, and the html you slaved over never be stolen).

If you know me IRL you might be saying, “but Leslie, you’ve been off of all social media for more than two years… why would you want to not only return, but also have a blog on top of it all?”

And the answer is… the heart wants what the heart wants. Maybe I just miss my Livejournal.

In all seriousness though, I actually do have a point to all of this. It’s something I’ve been planning in secret for a long time. My boyfriend won’t even know until after this is live.

I’ve been working on it / looking for the right time to launch / making excuses for why it’s not ready for the better part of a year now, and that’s only how long I’ve actually been serious about taking action on it. There are years prior to that where it was just a secret desire I entertained and quickly turned away from. Then somewhere in my scrolling a few weeks ago I saw a comment that said “The 100 Day Project starts April 2nd,” and I just thought, “there it is, that’s my opportunity to immerse myself in this thing.” And here we are.

What to expect

Even though I didn’t have social media, I still spent a lot of time online and a lot of time reading blogs. Over time, I got this idea in my head about making the blog that I wanted to read, that did the kinds of DIY projects that I wanted to be making, that gave the real-life advice that I needed to hear, that had a tone more like the ones me and my friends have (hint: we swear. a lot.), and that had values regarding sustainability and consumerism which aligned more closely to my own. And this is the result of that.

I’m 28. I’m a graphic designer, but creatively speaking I have my hands in a lot of different pots. I went to film school, and down the line I also studied advertising and graphic design, and after that I did studio art. That’s not to say that I actually worked as a creative professional all that time. Not even close. For longer than I care to admit I was a server who spent all of my money partying and all of my time wishing I could grow the fuck up and make things happen for myself creatively.

I grew up around Pittsburgh, then lived in Pittsburgh, then lived in Chicago for six years, and then to everyone’s surprise including my own, moved to the middle of nowhere in North Carolina.

I love to make things and to learn.

I’m tired of everything being disposable. I want to see less people in the DIY community buying a bunch of crap from Michael’s and hot gluing it together, only for it to inevitably end up in the trash. I want to see more people in the DIY community doing upcycling projects that don’t look like something I want to throw straight into the trash.

I’m tired of seeing creative people I know settle for doing something else to pay the bills even though they hate it. I’m tired of seeing bad advice from clueless people on the internet.

I enjoy and appreciate things and feel strongly about loving your belongings, but feel conflicted about the state of consumerism.

I don’t want kids and don’t know why sometimes it seems like every blog I click onto is a mommy/whatever blog that will eventually end up giving me unnecessary parenting advice (don’t get me wrong, those blogs are fine. They just didn’t resonate with me. And of course moms are entirely welcome here, but you’ll just never come across anything parenting-related, ya dig?).

Somewhere in the intersection of the DIY blogs, the productivity blogs, the female entrepreneurship blogs, and the sustainable living blogs, Find Fix Make Mend has a home. I’m just trying to carve it out a bit more.

If you’re still reading, then you’re already helping to do that and that’s pretty dope.

If this doesn’t resonate with you, then that’s completely fine. There are like a million other blogs for you to read.

What I’m aiming for

My idea for Find Fix Make Mend is to create a sort of growing resource centered around the idea of making the most of what you already have available to you… in your physical space, in your creative practice, and in your life. That means taking things that are old or things that are just average and upcycling them into something that you love and cherish, finding ways to make use of sustainable materials and practices when you’re creating, and becoming a better version of who you already are instead of obsessing over having a different life.

The 100 Day Project

As I mentioned in the beginning, this blog is part of what I’m doing for The 100 Day Project. The larger part of what I’m doing for the 100 Day Project is working to upcycle something every day, and that will be reflected here. As a fun bonus to the project, I’m also doing a twist on Morning Pages. Instead of writing first thing in the morning, I’m doing a small blind contour drawing. It’s something I’ve been in the occasional habit of doing already, but it’s also something that I think would be a really fun series to make consistently as well.

So my plan for the blog is this: Every day starting on April 2nd I’ll be adding a post that, as a minimum for my participation in The 100 Day Project, includes my Morning Page for that day and an update on what progress was made on whatever upcycling project I’m working on at the time. If nothing else, I feel like these daily posts could be an important exercise in showing up and being held accountable. “This is what I’m working on, this is where it’s been, this is where it’s going, and this is how it turned out.”

At least once a week I’ll work to put up longer, more substantial posts that support this blog’s cause. These posts could be tutorials, deeper insights into some useful information, advice for people wanting to survive and thrive in a creative lifestyle, lists I put together, inspirational things I want to share, etc..

I’m really excited that you’re here. I think this is going to be fun. 

Are you doing The 100 Day Project? Connect with me on Instagram and let me know!

Leslie Tyger