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100 Day Project Day 4

Day 4: Today I wanted to get the Morning Scribble done and posted to Instagram quickly. I’m trying to spend less focusing on it and more time completing it, so that I don’t get too caught up on getting it “right”. The Morning Scribble practice is proving to be a really valuable insight into my creative anxieties. Yesterday I could barely focus on the task at hand because my head was all over the place with other things I wanted to have my hands in, and I had to really keep reminding myself to slow down and keep my attention on the scribble.

Today was different. I set out to get it done quickly and to avoid overworking it, and I found that my mind just sort of checked out. Like I subconsciously was telling myself that if I wasn’t going to put a lot of time into it, I was just not going to get very engaged. I guess that’s the struggle in all creative practice though, at least for me. I’m always working to be in the Goldie Locks zone of engagement with my work, and to escape all-or-nothing thinking.

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