100 Day Project Day 45

Day 45 of The 100 Day Project: powered by Red Bull. Barely any time today between errands and work but I at least got to sit down and have like five minutes of fun with paint details on this stash jar. Hope everyone else can squeeze a little into their days today too ✨ you got this, bb 💕

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100 Day Project Day 44

Day 44 of The 100 Day Project: The Find/Fix/Make/Mend Email Club launches in ONE WEEK. I’m so psyched about the number of people who have signed up already and can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on. 

In the meantime, I’ve started adding some little paint details to the decoupage jars I’ve been working on and I think they’re so cute 😻

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100 Day Project Day 41

Day 41 of The 100 Day Project: this week has been the most ridiculously turbulent rollercoaster, like scene after scene was written with the only goal being “yeah, throw something else in there and let’s just see how it plays out”.

This is what I know for sure: tomorrow I’m committed to sleeping in as late as I fucking can 🥂

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100 Day Project Day 37

Day 37 of The 100 Day Project: sometimes you get home late and don’t plug your phone in, then when you wake up there was a car accident that knocked out all the power on your street and your phone is now dead. Back up and running now. Better late than never 😛

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