100 Day Project Momentum Buddy Email Check-in Service

100 Day Project Momentum Buddy Email Check-in Service


*NOTE: Because I’m completely committed to giving you my full attention, I can only work with a limited number of clients at any one time.

A special Momentum Buddy service for if you’re participating in the 100 day Project. This service is the same as the original “Momentum Buddy” service above, except I check in with you every ten days for the duration of the project (100 days).

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Sometimes more than anything else you just need someone who will be there to check in with you and keep you on mission. Having someone to update regularly can be enough to keep you from getting sidetracked. This is less like a mentoring service and more like having a cheerleader who’s eager to see you succeed and encourages you to keep going for it. Maybe you want to start painting (or get back to painting) but just can’t find the momentum to get into it. Maybe you want to declutter your spare bedroom and start using it as a studio space, but you keep putting it off. Maybe you want to start freelancing but it’s just so scary to start, so you don’t. Whatever your goals for the 100 Day Project are, share them with me and every ten days for one hundred days I’ll send you an email asking how it’s going. You reply back and check in, and in response I’ll send you a short and sweet reply full of positivity, delight, and inspiration to keep you going.

“Are your services a good fit for me?”

Creative mentoring may be a good fit for you if:

  • You know you’re more creative and capable than you’re letting on right now

  • You are feeling stagnant, as if you’re just treading water and are being left behind

  • You have the deep urge to create, but feel selfish for taking the time to hone your skills or learn new ones because there’s always something else you “should” be taking care of

  • You feel negative, uninspired, or uncertain and it’s left you paralyzed every time you think about pursuing a creative endeavor

  • You want to do and make a million things but get so overwhelmed that you make nothing

  • You have no real artistic experience and think it’s something you’ll never be able to develop at this point in your life

  • You’re sick of spending hours scrolling through Pinterest, saving DIY projects that you’ll never make and feeling bad about yourself as a result

  • You’re terrified of getting feedback and constructive criticism, and you want to feel more confidence so that you can go into critiques without feeling personally attacked

  • You want to be more inspired and more creative, but you don’t have many other creative people in your life, so you don’t have anyone to ask for advice or to hold you accountable

  • You’re shy or anxious, and the feeling of vulnerability that comes with being a creative scares the hell out of you.

“What should I expect from working with you?”

“Helping you help yourself” is such a cliche term at this point that you just kind of roll your eyes at it. But hear me out… whatever you’re doing right now is working for you in some way, otherwise you would do something differently. It sounds nuts, but it’s true. If you’re paralyzed by fear of pursuing a creative career, then staying in your fucked up situation is working for you because it’s keeping you safe from the uncertainty of going after what you want. If you keep turning in your projects late because you waited until the last minute to start and couldn’t finish in time for critique, then having your grades suffer is working for you because it means you don’t have to show up and hear what people have to say about your work. If you get stuck in the endless scroll, feeling increasingly numb and self-critical as you see the things other people are putting out there, then that is working for you because it means that you don’t ever have to try something and have it turn out badly.

I’m not telling you this to get all “tough love” on you… I’m telling you this because these are just a couple of examples of things that I’ve personally done… A LOT and for longer than I’m willing to admit. You are not alone in this. But ultimately, no one except for you can get yourself out.

Then what’s the point of a creative mentoring service if this is something you have to do for yourself anyway? Well, it’s what Marie Forleo calls having a “guide on the side.” My role is to provide you with support, to help you sort out your thoughts, and to give you a boost when you need it.

What I’m not:

  • A bobblehead that will blindly agree with everything you say and give you empty words of encouragement

  • A bootcamp instructor who will make you feel less than or like you’re in trouble

  • Your parent or an authority figure who will be disappointed in you if you “mess up”

  • A fellow peer who competes with you and judges you

  • A psychiatrist who can “tell you what’s wrong with you”

  • A “certified life coach” who will promise you your dream life

Instead, I’m your problem-solving buddy. I offer a professional service that helps you get out of your head and into a mindset that is clear and ready to take action, and I come at it from the perspective of someone who has been on both sides of the stagnant/thriving coin in my own creative life. We don’t know each other in real life. I don’t know your friends or your family, and I don’t have any prior misconceptions about who you are as a person. I will always keep the things you share with me to myself. I’m an unbiased third party who has your best interests in mind, always. You don’t have to come to me already knowing what the issue is or what step you need to take next. You don’t have to know what is blocking the exit to know that you’re fucking trapped. I want to be there by your side giving you support while you figure it out.

“Is email mentoring right for me?”

With creative mentoring there are no appointments and no phone calls or Skype sessions. Instead, we connect to each other through writing. This may be a good fit for you if:

  • You’ve got more than enough scheduling conflict in your life and don’t need any more appointments to add to the chaos.

  • You don’t like talking on the phone — especially with people you’ve only just met — and Skype sessions are 10x more awkward.

  • You like the idea of being able to receive support quickly without having to travel or wait for an open appointment slot.

  • You prefer to have things written down so you can go back and re-visit it at any time. No need to take notes.

  • You enjoy taking your time and working at your own pace, saying exactly what you want to say when you want to say it.

  • You like to explore your thoughts and process your emotions through writing.

  • You’ve wanted to try coaching, mentoring, or consulting but are intimidated by going to an in-person session

  • You’re looking for a more affordable alternative to a life coach

“What should I expect from email mentoring?”

If you think that my email mentoring services are for you and decide to book a service, I will send you an email with a few questions which will let me get to know you and learn what it is you’re looking to work on. This is all about your creative path, and I want to know what’s happening in your story right now. After that, we’re like pen pals. If you’ve purchased the “All Access Pass Email Mentoring” package, then we email each other freely back and forth for the duration of our time together. If you’ve purchased the “One and Done Email Consulting” package, then I will give you a single email response. And if you’ve purchased either of the “Momentum Buddy Email Check-in” services, then we’ll check in with each other every 7 or 10 days respectively. For all services, I will reply within 24 hours of receiving your emails Monday - Friday (the ones I receive on a Friday will be answered on Monday). If there would be any reason that I can’t achieve this, you will be notified in advance.